Drupal auto login

Drupal auto login

انتقل إلى هؤلاء الرجال I have lots of different Drupal sites I have to log in to on a regular basis and remembering what password I am using at any given time is impossible, my Chrome often gets my passwords wrong as well so to make my life easier I have written a tampermonkey script to log me in to my Drupal sites automatically. 

الفوركس في كالجاري

طريقه شراء وبيع الاسهم I also generally use a batch file if I have to open many sites at the same time so I have included that here as well, typing my password out 17 times becomes very tedious! 

الروبوت خيار ثنائي في الهند

Batch file for opening multiple incognito chrome tabs 

The Tampermonkey script for automatically logging you in to your Drupal sites  

راقب https://github.com/tomgould/tampermonkey/blob/master/drupal.log.in.js

انقر لمعرفة المزيد

بوب إلى هذا الموقع // ==UserScript== // @name Drupal login. // @namespace http://drupal.log.in/ // @version 0.1 // @description Loggs you in to your drupal site if you're on the user page // @copyright 2014+, Tom Gould // @require https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.2/jquery.min.js // @grant GM_addStyle // ==/UserScript== var your_drupal_login = function() { var hostname = window.location.hostname.toLowerCase().replace('www.', ''); var pathname = window.location.pathname.toLowerCase();   /** * Sites to log in to */ var drupalSites = { tomgould: { host: "tom-gould.co.uk", user: "Username", pass: "password" }, TheWhiteHouse: { host: "petitions.whitehouse.gov", user: "Barack.Obama", pass: "Passw0rd123" } };   if (pathname === "/user") { for (var key in drupalSites) { var site = drupalSites[key]; if (site.host === hostname && $('input[name="name"]').length) { var r = confirm("Do you want to log in as " + site.user + " using password " + site.pass + "?"); if (r === true) { $('input[name="name"]').val(site.user); $('input[name="pass"]').val(site.pass); $('#edit-submit').click(); } } } } };   your_drupal_login();


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