Drupal JSON Node API

Drupal JSON Node API

To help with a content migration project I have recently made a module that exposes all published node types, node IDs and the nodes via a very simple JSON API. 

There are only 3 custom functions needed to give the requesting user a list of the types that are available, the node IDs of any given type and then finally the nodes by ID. 

I have set this up on here as an example. 

Node Types 

NIDs of type blog 

This node as JSON 

This was just intended to be used locally when importing content to a different site with another custom module I made for easy content migration but may be of use to someone so I made a Drupal 7 version as well, they are both available for download here: Toms GitHub:/modules

My next post will probably be about the module I have made for easily importing content by type with Drush.  


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