Google you have failed

Google you have failed

In case you hadn't noticed Google Suck at the main thing they claim to do well, not email, search results. 

Over the years Google have been trying to make their search results more user focused and relevant to what they assume you mean when you type in to their search box. 

The reality however is that although you probably know what you are looking for when you type in to Google or any other search provider Google makes the assumption that you are probably stupid and haven't got a clue what you are doing, nor would you be interested in anything that is not sourced from social media, a shop or some other branded entity. 

Many years ago I used to make a good living by making web sites that sold consumer electronics and suck to consumers, I did this all relying on Google to deliver people looking for "An Item" to be delivered to my page about "An Item" based on the merits of my page in relation to the other pages out there that also claimed to be about "An Item". 

About 5 years ago this stopped working as a business model because Google realized that if anyone should be making money out of all these people that use the internet for product research and shopping it should be them. 

There is no denying this, it is obvious to anyone who has been in this world for more than a few years so I will not go in to any great detail other than to say Google Suck. 

Today I find myself getting annoyed with Google about almost the same topic but from a different angle. I no longer try to make money by providing good quality web sites and pages to Google users, why would I? Google have that market wrapped up! I work for big companies now developing whatever they need. 

This is not what annoys me today, what annoys me now is that Google has devolved to the point that all of it's so called development over the past 12 years has actually made it impossible to find anything that is not social media or big brand related unless it is on a social media site or for sale on a big brand web site. 

Google has completely ripped us all off, all the talk about how they want to help us as users have the greatest experience possible on the internet is a total lie. 

Google only cares about one thing and that is Google (and Google subsidiaries). 

As an example I use this web site I built this as a means to promote myself and my work, my name is Tom Gould so that is what I expect people to search for if they were looking for my site. 

I have created a whole section of this site that is not pushed in your face but that is there available if you care to click about with content focusing mainly on the terms I want to be recognized for, namely, Tom Gould, Drupal and all that kind of work related stuff, words that are completely relevant to anyone searching for Tom Gould.  

Until recently I was in about position 8 on Google if you searched for Tom Gould but now I find myself behind a bunch of FaceBook, LinkedIn and education related results that in fairness do relate to the term "Tom Gould". 

What I do not agree with though is that the other people who also have a legitimate right to peruse a decent search result for their name be placed above mine when their name is not Tom Gould.  

Google assumes that anyone searching for Tom Gould is actually mistaken and must have been searching for someone else like Thomas Gould the violinist or Thomas Gould the photographer or maybe just Vimeo, FaceBook or LinkedIn results that also contain the words Thomas, Tom or Gould.  

My experience tells me that I am just a vctim of Google's incessant mission to be the sole conduit by which you make your online purchases. If you look at this from another angle they could be conceivably be doing this kind of search result skewing to help you find that product you were looking for. Did you miss type "Spple iLone"? Maybe, well why shouldn't they give you the iPhone results? 

Well Google you shouldn't because maybe one day someone will have a genuine reason to make a website about the Sapple Ilone and you will be found to be useless and to suck at providing relevant search results, you will be found to be a pusher of products that are not relevant nor required by your users and you will be considered by some at least to be the manipulative user that you claimed so convincingly not to be. 

Google you suck at providing small businesses a chance and you suck at providing a level playing field where everyone has a chance. 


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