Why do spammers even bother?

Why do spammers even bother?

If you have heard about the recent Drupal security bug that was found then it will probably be no surprise to you that there has since been a huge increase in spam post attempts towards Drupal sites. 

I do what I can to hide as much info about this site as I can with the minimum effort so I delete the read-me files form my Drupal installation and make sure I keep all my code up to date with the latest versions of the modules I use but these guys still decided to target this site an no doubt yours with more links to fake handbags and all that beautifully writtent content they post. 

I am still surprised to see just how many links to pointless websites trying to sell pointless junk people still try to post on a daily basis, especially recently, it's not 1999, why do these guys bother? if they were good at something they wouldn't be spammers would they! 


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