Adding bundles to your xml sitemap the easy way

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Adding bundles to your xml sitemap the easy way
If you have ever had to configure the Drupal xmlsitemap module for a site with lots of content types, vocabularies or any other entity types you know how frustrating and tedious it is having to edit each one of these bundle through it's own edit page to have it included in the sitemap. Having recently had about 10 sites who's sitemap settings had all been neglected and with each site having over 20 content types and other bundles that were supposed to have been added to the sitemaps I decided to make a module so I can do this all from a single page with a single form. There is no option to set the priority of each bundle on the form as this was not my concern and this is not being

Free TVs these days

اخبار سوق الاسهم السعودية اليوم أفضل منصات تداول العملات الأجنبية
Free TVs these days
Recently I came home to find my neighbor throwing away a 42 inch full HD LCD TV and as this was the first proper flat screen I have seen left out on the pavement it caught my attention. I asked them what was wrong and apparently it wouldn't "turn on" properly but the standby light did come on so I was curious and after about 2 minutes or research and found out that this was most likely a power supply issue and asked her if I could have the TV (I needed something to do in the evenings while I was working away from home!) Having taken the TV inside and got my tools together I located the power supply board and realized that this board is a mass produced item (Google'd the PCB code) used in all

Why do spammers even bother?

أربح أموال بسرعة بدون إستثمار
Why do spammers even bother?
If you have heard about the recent Drupal security bug that was found then it will probably be no surprise to you that there has since been a huge increase in spam post attempts towards Drupal sites. I do what I can to hide as much info about this site as I can with the minimum effort so I delete the read-me files form my Drupal installation and make sure I keep all my code up to date with the latest versions of the modules I use but these guys still decided to target this site an no doubt yours with more links to fake handbags and all that beautifully writtent content they post. I am still surprised to see just how many links to pointless websites trying to sell pointless junk people still

Drupal add JS from the UI enter site
Drupal add JS from the UI
Adding JavaScrip to Drupal pages is super simple as you know but it you would prefer not to have to do a full release of the site in question for the sake of a new banner or whet ever amazing and critical feature you are adding on behalf of your marketing department the options are limited. You could use a block, this is a reasonably painless way as the blocks interface has a nice way to target pages specifically and in most cases it works, it is however pretty nasty when you think about it, there is also limited control of where in the page you place this JavaScript, it's not like you can put a block in the <head> of your page is it. There may be other solutions for this pro

Listing all my shows كسب المال على الانترنت دون دفع أي شيء
Listing all my shows
I have just bought a Chromecast and originally thought this would be an efficient way to cast my shows to my TV without having to remember what I have left to watch but casting video from an embedded media player in a chrome tab seems to be a little CPU intensive. Sadly after 2 hours I realized this wasn't going to be what I had intended so I'll use Local Cast or Video Stream to cast files form my PC to the TV but this is still quite useful to me as I have about 75 shows I watch and I delete every episode when I have watched it so keeping track of what I have available to watch is a bit tiresome if I have to use my memory or Windows Explorer to check if I already have an episode.