Jenkins Auto Login follow
Jenkins Auto Login
Jenkins is a very useful and highly configurable CI system used by most developers at some point in their working lives. For the most part it is excellent but the one thing that I find very annoying is having to login every time I open my Jenkins interface in my browser.  To this end and to save those valuable seconds when you are busy I have created a login script for tampermonkey so when you are logged out of your Jenkins you will be automatically logged strait back in and this includes when you open it up on a clean browser instance. 

Google you have failed

Google you have failed
In case you hadn't noticed Google Suck at the main thing they claim to do well, not email, search results. Over the years Google have been trying to make their search results more user focused and relevant to what they assume you mean when you type in to their search box. The reality however is that although you probably know what you are looking for when you type in to Google or any other search provider Google makes the assumption that you are probably stupid and haven't got a clue what you are doing, nor would you be interested in anything that is not sourced from social media, a shop or some other branded entity. Many years ago I used to make a good living by making web sites that sold c

Spilt a fizzy drink on my laptop, what should i do

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Spilt a fizzy drink on my laptop, what should i do
I recently spilled a can of fizzy drink on my laptop and rescued it and the keyboard from any lasting damage very easily and using a method I had not seen on the internet despite being told I would need to buy a new keyboard. The most important thing to do it remove the battery and power cable so there is no current going through any of the components, everyone knows that! Sadly the sugars and salts in most drinks is conductive and leaves a residue behind when it dries.

Downgrade PHP 5.4 to PHP 5.3 on Ubuntu 13.04مؤشر-الاسهم-السعودية-اليوم تداول اذهب
Downgrade PHP 5.4 to PHP 5.3 on Ubuntu 13.04
I have recently had to downgrade my PHP on an ubuntu VM so I can work on some older sites without any issues. Here is a handy script that will downgrade your PHP from PHP 5.4 to PHP 5.3 on Ubuntu 13.04. Just create a shell script on your machine with this as the content and execute it. sudo bash #!/bin/bash # # OK, here's how to do the Apt magic to get PHP packages from the precise repositories:   echo "Am I root? " if [ "$(whoami &2>/dev/null)" != "root" ] && [ "$(id -un &2>/dev/null)" != "root" ] ; then echo " NO!   Error: You must be root to run this script. Enter

How to re-size a VirtualBox Virtual machine

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How to re-size a VirtualBox Virtual machine
I have recently had to re-size my Ubuntu development VM twice as I keep adding Drupal sites and their files to my local dev environment. It is basically pretty simple but can be quite time consuming, I am writing this as I wait for one of the steps to complete myself! I have just installed a new hard drive for the new VM so I am moving the location of the "Default Machine Folder" as will from the VirtualBox GUI, doing this before making the initial clone is the easiest way to do so.