Developer at Turner Broadcasting

Developer at Turner Broadcasting

Having been with Turner Broadcasting Solutions since June 2014 I am pleased to have been offered my 3rd contract extension to continue managing the PHP side of their business. 

I am currently off the market now for new contracts until October 2015 while I work on both existing products and new developments with the Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Cartoonito, TNT, TCM and CNN partners websites for Turner. 

Skills used: Agile, Apache, APIs, AWS, BDD, CD, CI, Confluence, Context, Crucible, CSS, Ctools, Custom module development, Delivery, Drupal, Drush, Entity, Estimating, Git, Go, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Jenkins, Jira, Jquery, JSON, Leadership, Leverage of Contrib modules, Linux, Maven, MySQL, Nginx, Open Source, Panels, PHP, PHPUnit, Planning, Selenium, SEO, Simple Test, SQL, SVN, TDD, Theme Development, Ubuntu, Views, W3, Waterfall, XML.


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