Progress to date with Tom Gould search ranking here
Progress to date with Tom Gould search ranking Having had this site live for under 2 weeks I am reasonably pleased to report that I have now managed to be on page 3 of the Google results for the search term Tom Gould, this is a fast response from Google and no doubt due largely to the efforts I have made to achieve this. سهم السعوديه Yesterday I was mid way down page 6 for the Tom Gould search in Google UK so with the addition of this new SEO page content type and a vocabulary of Tom, Thomas, Gould and terms combined with my custom افضل شركة للتداول theme_link function and ثنائي خيار التحوط node_tagger module I have managed to make reasonably good progress pretty quickly. 

اسعار العملات في الهند

enter I have not yet achieved the goal of a before the fold appearance on the first page of Google for my name, It is nearly there if I add something extra and something relevant to this site like Tom Gould Drupal but this is a bit specific and I defiantly want people to find me by searching only for Tom Gould in Google so the quest continues for the time being. 

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الخيار الروبوت أعلى خيار ثنائي Other than adding content with a decent volume ratio of my chosen terms to other words I have been considering adding some more meta tags to my pages but these days that seems a little futule as Google is more than capable of detecting the relevant parts of any given page by analysing the HTML if written correctly.

الفوركس العربى I am not yet sure how I am going to start to compete with the long standing sites such as the Thomas Gould Violin site or the Tom Gould Shoots photography site but I am sure I'll be able to deal with this when the time comes. 

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