London or Cheltenham

London or Cheltenham

Cheltenham or London, as a PHP developer there is not much work in Cheltenham and it doesn't pay very well and as a Drupal developer some of most interesting time I spent working was in Cheltenham, so I spend my weeks in London when I am not working remotely from my home in Cheltenham.  

If you have found Tom Gould by searching for Drupal in Cheltenham or Drupal London then get in touch with Tom Gould through the contact page, this is a marketing stunt designed to aid my search positioning for phrases including London, PHP, Cheltenham and Drupal.  

Another update from Tom Gould

Another update from Tom Gould

Another update from Tom Gould and another opportunity to add some mindless content with a trace of pointless information. It’s been a while since I have posted anything as I have been working, so have not had the time, but having just checked the Google results for Tom Gould and I see that I, The Tom Gould are now in about 10th position for the search term Tom Gould.  

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