Tom Gould

Tom Gould

Welcome to my Tom Gould web site, this page is intended to help my search ranking when searching Tom Gould so nothing too serious. 

I am predominantly a Drupal Developer and there is a fair amount of content relating to Drupal and the work I, Tom Gould have done with Drupal in the main pages if that is what you are interested in. 

I have noticed recently that the ranking of the home page of has slipped recently when searching in Google for Tom Gould so I am adding some more keyword rich content to the site to help address this. Tom Gould Drupal is still returning a decent listing but this is too vague for my liking and there is unfortunately some relatively well established sites about Thomas Gould and other people with the name Gould which are making my journey to the first page of the the Google search results a little harder than it was the last time I created a site to promote myself. 

I last had a site about 5 years ago but let it go as it served it's purpose and it was also a WordPress site so as a Drupal Developer I did not like having to switch between WordPress and Drupal. That site did however rank pretty well for the term Tom Gould in search results as I remember it but that was a long time ago and before the Panda update and similar algorithm changes that made SEO harder for smaller and younger sites.

This site however is here to stay so I will not be giving in to these other sites or Google. Check out the blog section for interesting pages and link to Tom Gould if your a Drupal Developer wanting to help another dev.