Tom Gould Google Ranking Improving

Tom Gould Google Ranking Improving

If you have ready any of the other pages of this site designed to help my ranking in Google for search terms such as Tom Gould, Thomas Gould and Tom Gould Drupal then this page will make more senseto you as this is just an update on my progress to date. 

You can see form the picture in this page that I am currently ranked twelth for the term Tom Gould which is pretty good in my oppinion considering this site is less than a month old and there is some well established competition in the form of Thomas Gould the violinist and a photographer with exactly the samename as myself. 

My most recent and noticable sucsess in this battle with Google was a change to the URL structure and then ensuring that all the old URLs did a 301 redirect to the new location. I had previously named the first vocabulary I created "Tags" abd then subsequently named the one I am using for my SEO terms "SEO Pages" so when clicking one of these terms the nodes of this type were listed under the "seo-pages" taxonomy view and then nodes were aliased "seo-page/title".

I have changed this now so that nodes of this type are now just "title" as this creates more relevant content for my search terms at the root level of the site. I have also renamed the original vocab to Skills as this is a more accurate representation of what this vocab contains. The SEO vocab has been renamed to tags and this has all had a good effect on my listings.

I created a very small and lightweight module to do nothing more than detect the old URls and redirect to the correcponding one and with that I jumped from about page 4 to 5 to page 2 in about 24 hours when searching for Tom Gould.

My goal is still obviously page one and as clise as possible to the top of the page so I will keep adding these keyword rich pages to improve my exposure, I have thought about another technique that has worked for me in the past so watch this space.