Tom Gould on the first page but not high enough yet

Tom Gould on the first page but not high enough yet

I am currently sat on the beach in Mexico waiting for a 4.5MB photo to upload on a very slow connection but the good news is that my Tom Gould site is not on the first page of the Google search results when searching for Tom Gould.  

This has taken about a month but I have not finished yet as i am currently only in seventh position and I want my site to be at least second or third so there is more work to be done on the SEO of my search terms such as Thomas, Tom, Gould and so on. 

Mexico is awesome though, I would defiantly recommend it to anyone looking for something you wont find in the travel brochures. I am about 2.5 hours drive north of Cancun and even though I am on holiday as a Drupal Developer it is hard to put my laptop away completely so here I am writing some crazy post about Tom Gould being on holiday hoping to bump up the search listings a few more places. 

I am reasonably annoyed with Google still though as the 3 links above mine are for accounts on Vimeo and Twitter and LinkedIn for user accounts with Tom Gould in the URL, These should be fairly easy to overcome by adding more unique content with my keywords scattered through out. 

I am considering doing some research in to the etymology of my names, Tom and Thomas and also the etymology of the name Gould, this will probably be quite interesting for myself and will also provide the perfect excuse to write more self promoting stuff like this.