Trying to appear higher up the list for the search term Tom Gould

Trying to appear higher up the list for the search term Tom Gould

Before starting this site one of my goals was to make sure the term Tom Gould appears at the very least on the first page of the Google search results for Tom Gould without having to add additional terms like Drupal or PHP.  

This section of the site craftily names "SEO Pages" is designed to do just that but providing a place where I can post less serious and not so Drupal orientated content with the express intention of boosting my search rankings for any given phrase I decide to promote. 

I am making use of some of the other functionality I have written to do this like the auto linking and auto tagging of nodes to absolutely maximise the number of links and additional pages that will have a high density the words Tom Gould in the body text. 

To this end if you are reading a page with "/seo-page" in the URL the chances are that you'll probably want to go back tot he home page or hit one of the other links to get some more meaning content, this is really just an SEO experiment with Drupal.  

At the time of writing was about mid way don page 6 of the Google results for the term Tom Gould so I'll keep checking back to see how I get on. I am aiming for pretty high up page one but I have some long established sites to deal with as well as all the usual LinkediIn results and other Social sites. 

One of the things that I find reasonably interesting about this project is the fact that I have some serious competition form other people with my given name Thomas Gould, some of whom go by Tom and some by Thomas but all with the last name Gould.  

These guys have been around for years but they are not developers so they probably don't have the resources to be aggressively targeting the listings like this so if I do make it up to page one and even beat some of the other sites it will be pretty satisfying.